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“Elizabeth was so friendly and helpful. She talked me through the whole procedure and constantly checked on my progress. I had never had my teeth whitened before, so I was not sure how the results would be. My teeth were amazing afterwards! I could not believe how white they were! I had to text her with questions after the procedure to see what I could and couldn’t eat/drink and she got back to me promptly! “

Michelle L

“Elizabeth is so wonderful and made the experience so pleasant. I’m obsessive about my teeth, so they were pretty white to begin with…but I am still pleased with the results! I would do it again without question. “

DeAnne D

“I had not had a teeth whitening in quite awhile and I didn’t really know what to expect. This entire experience – from the ease of booking the appt. to the professionalism and personal attention of Elizabeth to the actual results of the whitening process – all perfect! Highly recommend! I am so happy that I did this! “

Annette Austin

“Wonderful experience. Elizabeth is very professional and the whole hour was very relaxing. My teeth were already pretty white to begin with, but now they are movie star white! So happy! “


“I’m really happy that I choose to have my Teeth whitened with Elizabeth! She was very detail orientated, professional and I had great results! Elizabeth made the overall experience great, and I love the product, I had amazing results, and I would recommend Shore Smiles to anyone! :)”

Mandie McGuckin

“I was very pleased with the outcome and the service. Elizabeth was awesome and she made the experience pleasant and relaxing. She was very knowledgeable of the product. I would recommend and will do so to many others.”

Anthony Ciuffo

“very satisfied from all angles.great results,no side effects,Elizabeth was very professional,very knowledgeable and made the experience enjoyable.Would recommend Elizabeth and shore smiles to anyone. “

Ryan MacFarlene

“Got a great new white smile. Elizabeth is a real pro and I would not hesitate to recommend her service to anyone. Give her a try. I know you’ll be satisfied”


“I’m so glad that I found Shoresmiles Teeth Whitening! The process wasn’t painful at all and left my teeth about 8 shades whiter! Elizabeth did a great job explaining the DaVinci process and how it works. Furthermore, everything she uses is completely organic! My teeth were definitely sensitive the night I got the process done, but the sensitivity went away in no time and was completely worth the results!”

Danielle B

“Elizabeth is so professional and a pleasure to work with! A great experience and completely pain free. My teeth were very sensitive for some hours after my appointment but that went away quickly and my teeth look beautiful! “

Carol C

“Teeth Whitening with Shoresmiles is definitely the way to go. My experience was fast, comfortable, and well worth the price! My teeth were somewhat sensitive after my visit but it was gone the very next morning completely. The DaVinci method works…my teeth have never been whiter and more beautiful!!!”

Tarah G

“In short Elizabeth at Shore Smiles is a PRO! I had a terrible experience with ZOOM and can say this was the opposite. As a veterinarian myself I understand the importance of addressing individual concerns. Elizabeth went above and beyound to answer all my questions and ensure my comfort. The results… my cheeks hurt from smiling for the last two days . She even took the time to call me the next day. Don’t miss out is all I can say!! My smile has never been whiter and people have noticed.”

Dr Jackie Brewer

“My experience at ShoreSmiles was great. I immediately felt comfortable with Elizabeth as she explained the contents of the product to be used and how the procedure would be conducted. She is friendly and experienced in the field, and I am more than satisfied with the results and how quick it was. I highly recommend ShoreSmiles to those looking for a quick, easy way to brighten their smile!”

Michael G

“It was a great experience with great results for a very reasonable price. Elizabeth was very knowledgeable and professional. I will definitely recommend your services to others.”

Bobbie G